Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do I contact a seller?
A. Just use the enquiry form at the bottom of any ad, your message will be sent to the seller

Q. Do I need to create an account before I can post an ad?
A. No, just follow the steps.  When you place your first ad a user account on the site will be created for you.  This will be helpful if you need to modify your ad or manage mulitple ads on the site.
Q. How do I post a Free Classified ad?
A.  Follow Step the steps here.  On the Step 3 - Payment Information - just enter coupon code "FREE". No payment will be required and your ad will be live after you confirm the posting.
Q. I'm not sure what category I should use for my item
A. We've tried to make a simple category list but nothing is perfect.  To make sure the right people see your advertisement you may select up to 3 (relevant) categories for every posting.
Q. Should I include my contact information in my ad?
A. No, the secure contact form which appears at the bottom of your ad will allow interested parties to contact you directly.  Including your contact information in the description of your item may allow your details to be harvested by automated spammers.
Q. I think I posted an ad but it hasn't appeared
A. Your ad will only appear if the Paypal payment transaction was completed successfully.  If you are sure a payment was made please allow 15 minutes for the ad to appear on our site.  If you don't see your ad after this please get in touch via the contact page.
Q. One of my items has sold, what do I do?
A. All ads will eventually expire but if you don't want to receive additional enquiries please log in (see below) and mark your ad as “sold”.
Q. How to I manage my ads?
A. You can log-in to the site using the membership link that you will have received by email when you placed your first ad. This email contains username and a link which allows you to log-in and set your own password.  Once this is done you can use this username and password combination to log-in at to update your ads or mark them as sold.
Q. I did not receive a user account email when I placed my ad.
A. If you don't see an email with log-in information after you have placed your first ad please check your spam folder.  If you still don't see this please your password by visiting and clicking the “Request new password” link.
Q. How long will my ad remain on the site?
A. We know some items take longer to sell and we don't want to rush you along.  For 2012 ads will not expire.  We'll review our expiration policy and post any changes after that.
Q. I've lost my password, what should I do?
A. You may reset your password by visiting and clicking the “Request new password” link.
Q. I had a problem with a seller on this site
A. All sales are private transactions between the buyer and the seller.  However, we would like to know if you had a bad experience with a seller on our site.  If this problem is verified this may lead to them being banned from posting on
Q. Do you list employment opportunities?
A. Not yet, but it's on our radar
Q. I have a coupon code to place a discounted ad, how do I use it?
A. Just follow through the steps to place your ad – there will be a place to enter your coupon code before payment is made