Advice for listing secondhand catering equipment

In order to help you sell your items as quickly and efficiently as possible while allowing the largest target audience to view your listing, we here at have comprised a list of Do's and Don'ts.

- Make sure that your listing has the item name in the title
- Keep the title as short as possible
- Select up to 3 categories - The more the better!
- If the item is unused, select NEW from the drop down menu
- Add as many photographs as possible
- Filenames are important - If you're selling an oven make sure to name your photo something like "Convotherm-oven-for-sale.jpg" or similar. This will help your listing be found on google and - - - Allow you to reach a larger audience.
- Input your price excluding VAT. If your price is flexible tick the O.N.O (Or Nearest Offer) box
- Add a description about your product. Include dimensions, power source, condition of the item. Be sure to specify if you will be charging VAT or not.
- You may optionally leave a phone number as a point of contact. While this option is available, it is publicly viewable. We do not recommend putting your personal phone number on the internet. Our system allows for anonymity to the public and will not reveal your contact details until you reply to their contact request.
- Input the brand of your item into the field. Do not include the model. This allows customers to search listings by brand to increase your exposure to a larger audience.
- Input your town or village, County and postcode. This will allow your client to find your address to collect the item once they have purchased it, or alternatively arrange delivery. It will also allow for a higher google listing of your page.

- Don't use long vague titles for your listings
- Don't leave the categories box blank
- Don't use small or low quality images
- Don't use vague descriptions.
- Don't forget to include important information about the product you are trying to sell.

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